Tammo Rukat
Statistics - Machine Learning - Genomics | DPhil Student @ University of Oxford

Short Academic Bio

I am a DPhil student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. I am currently based at the Alan Turing Institute in London where I am a PhD enrichment fellow. I am developing probabilistic models and scalable algorithms for the analysis of large-scale datasets with a particular focus on genomics data.

A few other areas of interest are deep generative models, machine learning applications in healthcare, distributed computing and community detection in networks.

I received a Bachelos and Masters degree in Physics from Humboldt University Berlin. I undertook research and most coursework for my masters at the University of British Columbia where I worked on tracer kinetic models for the analysis of time-resolved magentic resonance

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Department of Statistics
24-29 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3LB